Mental health education and complementary trauma resolution approaches should be accessible to all as a human right. That’s why we work with partners who feel the same to bring trauma-informed movement, mindfulness, and education to out-of-reach and under-resourced communities.

Featured project:

the field-guide for barefoot psychologists


In partnership with Beyond Conflict, a not-for-profit based in Boston, MA, Feet on the Ground has supported the writing and implementation of The Field Guide for Barefoot Psychologists. Together with 20 other contributors, we created a mental health, self-care, and educational guide for those dealing with trauma, grief, and loss, specifically designed for refugees, IDPs, and those who work with them. Our founders co-authored several self-care practices for the guide, based in neuroscience, that can help reduce, reverse, or change trauma symptoms.

Zaatari refugee camp | Amman, Jordan

The first implementation of The Field Guide was a pilot project in Zaatari Camp - a Syrian refugee camp outside of Amman, Jordan. Ten refugees were chosen to facilitate teaching the material in the guide to fellow refugees. These facilitators learned the scientific content of the guide in a workshop in January 2019 and best practices for facilitation of the self-care exercises in a workshop in early March 2019.

Our founders Samara and Emily were chosen along with two psychologists to organize and teach the second workshop. Over 6 days, we taught movement, breath, and mindfulness exercises, intended to reduce symptoms of trauma or help someone feel more resilient in living with these symptoms. Facilitators also learned best practices of facilitating trauma-informed exercises and mental health education.

In April & May 2019, Beyond Conflict began a semi-randomized control trial (RCT), in partnership with on-the-ground partner Questscope and led by these ten facilitators. The RCT is intended to test the effectiveness of the The Field Guide in reducing post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Further implementations of The Field Guide are in the works! In June 2019, co-founder Samara Andrade traveled to Beirut, Lebanon to help teach the self-care and facilitation portions of a second iteration of the workshop.